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Christadelphian Struggles To Find Bland Greeting Cards

A young sister has notified us of a gap in the market for bland greeting cards.

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God Still Making Planets After All This Time

In the news this week, astronomers have captured an image of a new planet being formed, some 370 light years from Earth. God seems to have just stepped out of frame as the photo was taken, but you can use your imagination and pretend he's there. That's how believers have been doing it for thousands of years anyway.

Baptism Just A Bath With An Audience

When God looked down on the spherical Earth and saw everyone sinning, he realised there was a big problem and so he came up with a brilliant plan to solve it. What was this plan, you ask? He told them to have a bath. Genius.

Christadelphian Plays Minecraft Survival Mode, Looks Forward To Creative Mode

This week we bring you the adventures of Eve, a young Christadelphian who just recently started playing Minecraft, and who appears to have some rather unusual beliefs about the game.

Buried Ancient Scroll Found (BASF): Christadelphians Reveal Amazing Papyrus

Christadelphians are celebrating the recent discovery of an ancient document believed to have been written in the late 19th century, which appears to contain a list of barely intelligible statements about a collection of much older texts.

Fun Facts About Christadelphians

Today we bring you a selection of fun facts you probably had no idea you were missing until now.

Christadelphians Still Trying To Convince Selves That Human Sacrifice Totally A Normal Thing For A God To Require

Christadelphian brains are set to receive a thorough workout this weekend as they undergo the mental gymnastics required to reconcile human sacrifice with an all-powerful, all-loving God in the 21st century.