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Prayers To End Covid Accidentally Delivered To God Who Created It

An unfortunate switchboard error has resulted in all prayers for the Covid-19 pandemic to end being sent to the god who created the pandemic rather than someone who might actually be able to help.

Several Christadelphians recently alerted staff to the possibility that Covid-19 may have been intentionally foisted on the world by God as some kind of punishment, presumably as a response to the sound of their hymn singing (we can only speculate at this point).

Indeed, after a brief inquiry, it has been discovered that since the very beginning of the pandemic, all prayers for Covid-19 to end have been getting delivered to the same god that created it. Such a mistake might seem unreasonable for divine beings to make but if you had seen the amount of paperwork you might want to cut them some slack. Besides, imagine spending your entire life foregoing the pleasures of sin only to be "rewarded" with a permanent desk job in front of a prayer phone! When they promised no hunger or sleep, no one mentioned that this was so they could keep you working around the clock!

Perhaps the silver lining here is that the prayers from Christadelphians asking for Covid-19 to get worse have also been delivered to the wrong recipient. So there's that.

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