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Greek New Testament Fully Reconstructed From Christadelphian Lectures

Breaking news: Scholars have managed to reconstruct the entire Greek New Testament text by piecing together all of the Greek words mentioned during Christadelphian lectures.

Christadelphian speakers have long been known for their exceptional ability to translate various English words from the Bible back into its original language, and now this rare talent has truly paid off.

It has been claimed that even if we lost all manuscripts of the New Testament we could still reconstruct it entirely from quotations by early church fathers. Well, now we can take that a step further and say that even if we didn't have those writings from the early church, we could still reconstruct the complete Greek text of the New Testament from references to the Greek given in Christadelphian lectures worldwide!

Over hundreds of years, teams of experts have worked tirelessly to translate the Bible into English with the goal of allowing native English speaking people everywhere to read and understand the text in their own language. What a shame these experts never managed to complete this task, having each assumed that a single one-way translation into English was enough. How wrong they were!

As Christadelphian speakers have been reminding us for many decades, what all of the translators missed was that final step of re-translating the text back into the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, before once again translating it into English one final time. Only by participating in this additional double-translation (making it three translations in total for those following along at home - or four if you started with the Septuagint) can we ever hope to fully understand God's clear and simple message for humanity.

As we go to press, scholars are now puzzling over all of these Christadelphian lectures wondering whether it is possible to construct anything sensible from the remaining English words.

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