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Showing posts from September, 2017

Confusion As Organist Plays One Verse Too Many

Confusion and panic erupted at the mid-week Bible Class as the organist accidentally played one verse too many during the final hymn.

New Flu Virus Specially Created By God Each Year, Argues Creationist

A Christadelphian creationist, brother Des Hein, has argued that new influenza viruses are actually designed and created by God each year, rather than evolving over time as scientists say. Several lines of evidence have been provided by brother Des in support of his claim.

God Saves Christadelphian From Flood, Apologises For Causing It In The First Place

God has issued an apology to a Christadelphian whose house he flooded so badly that he had to rescue her from it. To his surprise, the woman seemed oblivious to the mistake, and instead kept praising God for saving her.

Christadelphian Discovered Arguing With Own Echo For 23 Years

A Christadelphian man has recently been found arguing with his own echo for 23 years. What began as a rehearsal of his exhort at home quickly turned into a full-on heated debate.

Christadelphian In Shock After Stranger Sat In His Usual Seat On Bus

A Christadelphian man has sought counselling after finding someone else sitting in the seat he normally sits in on the bus. Having sat in the same seat for the past 30 years, the sight of someone else sitting in his seat proved too much for the man to handle.