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Christadelphian In Shock After Stranger Sat In His Usual Seat On Bus

A Christadelphian man has sought counselling after finding someone else sitting in the seat he normally sits in on the bus. Having sat in the same seat for the past 30 years, the sight of someone else sitting in his seat proved too much for the man to handle.

Witnesses reported seeing a shocked expression come over the Christadelphian man's face when he realised his usual seat had been taken. The man's relatives, who were seated as always in the row behind, had clearly reserved the seat by placing a Bible on it, but a stranger had brazenly pushed the Bible to one side before sitting down. They had already begun writing a letter to the bus driver asking for the stranger to be disfellowshipped from the bus, when the Christadelphian man made his way down the bus aisle, becoming visibly distressed.

Unsure of what else to do, or where else to sit, the Christadelphian man then proceeded to make such a fuss that the seat's occupant eventually got up and moved to another seat.

As we go to press, the stranger has been asked to move seats a further three times as more Christadelphians have boarded the bus. Sources close to the stranger have reported that after spending what feels like "eternity" with the Christadelphians, she is very much looking forward to getting off the bus.

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