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Christadelphians Still Scrambling To Find Coronavirus Prophecy In Bible

If there is one thing Christadelphians agree on, it is that the global pandemic of 2020 was a message from God. However, the English translation is still a way off.

Many Christadelphians seemed quite sure that this was God's way of telling us the end is near. We suspect if those people got a flat tyre or lost their keys they would probably interpret those events in much the same way. We usually feel like that on Monday mornings. But actually lining up the events of 2020 with any biblical prophecy has proved rather tricky.

The hot favourite is a verse in Revelation chapter 6 because it happens to mention the word "pestilence". A clear match, we're sure you will agree. In former years this same verse has been used to explain all manner of outbreaks from the Spanish Flu to Swine Flu, which were also no doubt part of God's message of the world coming to an end. God really doesn't have much else to tell us, as it turns out.

In the information age where we have about two dozen apps for communicating with anyone on the planet in milliseconds, God's preferred method of reaching out to us is apparently by randomly killing off our relatives and a bunch of people in a foreign country. He's old fashioned like that. We're just glad we have the Christadelphians on hand to decipher the message before God runs out of people to murder.

"The world is ending soon". Ok, cheers.

The same verse in Revelation also mentions 25% of the world's population dying by sword, famine and wild animals, but unless 2020 was even worse than we thought, these events are obviously still ahead of us. The verse isn't clear whether the wild animals are the ones brandishing the swords and destroying our farms but we'd best not rule that out.

Stay safe out there folks!

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