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New Flu Virus Specially Created By God Each Year, Argues Creationist

A Christadelphian creationist, brother Des Hein, has argued that new influenza viruses are actually designed and created by God each year, rather than evolving over time as scientists say. Several lines of evidence have been provided by brother Des in support of his claim.

1. Similarities between virus genomes are evidence of common design

Just as engineers routinely reuse designs when inventing new machines, so it is that the master engineer of the universe also reuses DNA sequences when inventing new versions of the influenza virus. The similarity between the virus DNA is therefore not evidence of relationship but rather it is evidence that both were specially invented by the same master designer, God.

2. The differences in each successive virus actually serve a vital function

Many evolutionists point to differences between the viral genomes and call them "random mutations". However, Mr Hein points out that blind chance could not produce such powerful designs, capable of neutralising the defences of host cells and spreading so effectively through the host organism.

Rather than viewing these differences in the DNA as cases where a vestigial gene has suffered mutations and no longer serves its original function, Hein observes that some of these differences actually allow the virus to spread more rapidly, often bypassing the immune system of the host where the previous year's virus would have been wiped out on first contact.

3. The effectiveness of the virus clearly shows intelligent design

The influenza virus has been known to kill many species, and even human beings in some cases. Such amazing power could only be the result of a divine engineer, argues Hein. No human invention can replicate itself so rapidly and perfectly, and even humanity's most destructive weapons pale into insignificance when compared with the number of deaths caused by viruses.

Brother Des Hein has put forward a very strong case, we're sure you will agree.

We asked Mr Hein if he could comment on the flu vaccine, but he declined.

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