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Christadelphian Discovered Arguing With Own Echo For 23 Years

A Christadelphian man has recently been found arguing with his own echo for 23 years. What began as a rehearsal of his exhort at home quickly turned into a full-on heated debate.

Standing with Bible in hand, he rattled off verse after verse, appearing somewhat flustered when his debate opponent fired them back in similar fashion. Not one to ever admit he might be wrong, the man proceeded to give a detailed exposition of every verse in the Bible, often referring to long sections from other Christadelphian writings in his vast collection.

This had gone on for 23 years until one day the neighbour decided to install premium sound deadening on the adjoining walls of the house.

Suddenly hearing no reply, the Christadelphian man declared victory and emerged from his chamber more convinced that he knew the Truth than ever before.

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