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Speaker Reminds Audience That Present Suffering Is Worthwhile

If you found yourself yawning and struggling your way through yesterday's exhort, fear not. The exhorting brother assured us that our suffering isn't worth comparing to the glory that's coming later.

We admit we weren't paying super close attention ourselves, but from what we heard it sounded like Brother whatsisname had made some deal with God that because his talk was so boring and long and we had to suffer through it, God was going to make it up to us at a later date. He didn't say when - something about no one knows the exact time. Come to think of it, that does sound a bit dodgy. We'll follow up with Brother thingamibob and get back to you.


After reaching out to Brother so-and-so for clarification, it appears we did get it a bit wrong. It turns out the suffering he mentioned refers to much more than just his talk. The real story is that (I think I got this right) being a Christadelphian in general involves so much suffering that God has said he will need to step in and intervene in order to save them all from it.

The rescue plan he described did sound pretty weird though. Apparently it involves lying down fully submerged in a bath full of water, with clothes on, while everyone stands around watching, and then later getting married to a dead lamb named Holly.

It seems a bit excessive. We're not sure why they couldn't just leave. That worked for us.

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