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Christadelphians Excited As Figure Descends From Heaven

We have received news of a majestic figure slowly descending through the clouds towards the ground, as a small group of excited Christadelphians gathered to witness the amazing event.

The atmosphere was electric, as one Christadelphian began reciting Acts 1:11 over and over, emphasising the words "shall so come in like manner", referring to the Christadelphian expectation that their saviour would return visibly from the sky.

As the being slowly came into focus, a hush fell over the crowd, followed by a gasp, as the descending figure turned out to be none other than Mary Poppins!

We guess that explains the umbrella then. And the high heels.

As we go to press, word has reached the ABs that Christadelphian attendance at the cinema is now more than double the rate of attendance at the meeting, and thirty-five times more enjoyable.

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