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Christadelphian Struggles To Find Bland Greeting Cards

A young sister has notified us of a gap in the market for bland greeting cards.

"It is very difficult to find suitable cards for my brethren and sisters.", Sister Joyless writes.

"Too many birthday cards say things like 'have an amazing/wonderful day'. How could any day be amazing or wonderful unless it's the day of our masters return?"

It's a fair complaint, we are sure you'll agree. Here at The Dolphin we think even smiling should be reserved for that great day. I mean, imagine if Jesus returned and that day barely made it into the top ten on the amazingness scale? Awkward.

Sister Joyless continues:
"So many cards depict images of alcohol or, worse still, contain a vulgar joke."

The horror! Obviously these should also be reserved for the celebrations when the master returns.

"And then there are the Get Well cards. Why are there no cards saying get well 'God Willing'? Who am I to ask for someone to get well soon if it is not in our Lord's plan? And 'With Sympathy' doesn't seem right if someone has fallen asleep in the Lord. A card with 'your loved one is awaiting the resurrection' or 'has fallen asleep in the hope of Israel' would be much more suitable."

Great suggestions. And if we may offer a suggestion of our own, a card for those who have "fallen asleep in the meeting" may also be quite popular.

She concludes:
"I suppose it must be The Signs of the Times...actually that's a great name for a Christadelphian card shop!"

It is indeed. Good luck* with the new business venture, dear Sister!

* God-willing

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