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Buried Ancient Scroll Found (BASF): Christadelphians Reveal Amazing Papyrus

Christadelphians are celebrating the recent discovery of an ancient document believed to have been written in the late 19th century, which appears to contain a list of barely intelligible statements about a collection of much older texts.

However, the discovery has puzzled a number of scholars as they struggle to decipher its message and figure out what it all means. Given the nonsensical nature of the content inside, much of the discussion has instead centered around the front cover, on which is inscribed the letters B.A.S.F.

Here at The Dolphin we decided to have a crack at guessing what this document might be, and to that end we present a number of suggestions as to the meaning of this "four letter word":

  • Become A Staunch Fundamentalist
  • Beliefs About Sacred Fables
  • Beware Accumulating Suicidal Fantasies
  • Bronze Age Science Fiction
  • Bigotry And Spiritual Fascism
  • Building Another Separatist Feud
  • Bury At Six Feet

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