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Christadelphian Man Recreates Noah's Flood While Taking A Bath

A Christadelphian man has recreated the conditions of Noah's flood while taking a bath.

Sources close to the man have confirmed that given his size and weight, the water level would have risen quite rapidly, causing local flooding initially and perhaps even covering the tops of the mountains as the man lay down. At this point the taps were turned off, simulating the windows of heaven being closed. Meanwhile, the "fountains of the great deep" were not operational on this occasion, which is probably for the best.

The man, who says he had a "God's eye view" of the unfolding events, described a small boat that was used to keep several of the toy animals and a few people afloat for the duration of the flood. The remaining animals and little people were said to have sadly drowned in the flood waters, although we suspect a few of them suffocated as they were buried under several tonnes of earth.

It seems none of the toy dinosaurs ended up on the boat, and will probably have to be recovered from the bottom of the bath at a later date.

After about an hour, during which there was some occasional undersea volcanic activity resulting in strong ripples on the surface and evidence of hot gases rising into the atmosphere, the floodwater eventually began to subside when the man pulled the plug.

At press time, several elements of the man's story have been called into question, as recent investigations have found no trace of the boat and so far the evidence suggests there was never more than a few inches of water in the bath. However, the man insists his story is true and says he wrote it all down in his diary, on page 6.

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