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Average Christadelphian Thinks Guardian Angel Probably Enjoys Their Job

A recent survey suggests that the average Christadelphian is pretty sure that their personal guardian angel probably enjoys following them around everywhere.

Most survey respondents reported that they had not given much thought to how their angel passes the time while they themselves were sitting on the toilet, or taking a shower. All respondents indicated that they would prefer if their angel at least looked the other way, or preferably found something else to do, out of respect for their privacy.

Many initially felt that while they were asleep their angel could head across the world and look after someone in another timezone. However, they quickly revised their answer after reading the follow-on question about hearing noises in their house at night. Perhaps angels could read a good book or something while keeping watch over them all night, every night.

One Christadelphian said they liked to imagine their angel sitting with them at the table during meals, but conceded that things could get a little awkward when all the seats were occupied by family members and friends.

Unfortunately we got no responses to the last question, which asked whether Christadelphians looked forward to their future role of following someone else around all day without their knowledge, and just keeping watch while never actually participating in anything or physically interacting with the person in any way.

Attendance was down again this week.

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