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Atheist Confident Bible Is Wrong Despite Having Never Read It

Sorry, the headline is wrong (I read it). A Christadelphian man has expressed his confidence that evolution is false despite having read very little on the subject from official sources.

The man has produced a long list of arguments he claims disprove evolution. The problem is that evolution is consistent with most of them. The few that actually would have disproven evolution had they been true, have turned out to be false.

We have provided the man with a stamp which says "said no scientist ever" and encouraged him to stamp all of the appropriate arguments in his list.

When we also showed him the Index to Creationist Claims on, he merely expressed disappointment that someone else had created an even longer list of arguments before him. He then summarily dismissed all of the rebuttals without reading them.

At press time, we received a new argument from the man, which reads as follows:

"If the Bible is true, why are there still monkeys?"

You've got us there. Well played, sir.

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