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Christadelphian Accepts Eye-Witness Testimony Regarding Holy Spirit Gifts

A Christadelphian is being interrogated by several ABs after accepting hundreds of eye-witness reports of miracles performed by preachers with Holy Spirit gifts.

The Christadelphian, who we will call Susan (not their real name), listed several key lines of evidence supporting her new belief in modern-day miracles. These include:

  • Corroborating accounts from multiple witnesses (confirming that the miracles happened)
  • Many people were convinced by the miracles, some even prepared to die for their belief if necessary
  • The many witnesses would have been able to correct any misinformation if the accounts had changed over time, thus ensuring their veracity.
  • Even deniers still accept the wellness of those healed, but try to attribute the miracle to something else.
"If the miracles never happened, how could I account for the millions of people who believe in Holy Spirit gifts and who claim to have seen the miracles for themselves?", Sue asked our reporters.

Ms Donna-Moss has presented a series of compelling arguments, and it will be interesting to see how the ABs respond. We will be watching this one with interest.

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