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Young Christadelphians Admit To Playing Exhort Bingo On Regular Basis

In a recent survey, many young Christadelphians admitted to playing "Exhort Bingo" on a regular basis. The game is played just like regular bingo, with numbers being replaced by commonly-used Christadelphian words or phrases, like "atonement" or "God-willing".

After one player was grounded for shouting out the word "Bingo" during a memorial meeting, the rules were changed so that players only needed to cough loudly upon ticking off all boxes in a straight line. Perhaps you've even heard some members announce their win at your meeting.

The game has taken the Christadelphian world by storm, being recently adopted by old and young players alike. There are rumours that the championship leaderboard will be published in the Grampstand Magazine next year.

As we go to press, we can't wait for the upcoming release of Exhort Scrabble. We look forward to getting "Maher-shalal-hash-baz" and "God-manifestation" on a Triple Word Score.

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