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Panic In Heaven As Two Christadelphians Pray For Same Parking Space

An intense battle has broken out in heaven after two Christadelphians prayed for God to find them a parking space, when only one space was available.

Two angels are currently battling it out via successive games of "scissors, paper, rock", but so far it seems their skills are quite evenly matched. All other heavenly operations have reportedly been brought to a standstill, as angels gather from all over the cosmos to witness the intense dispute. If you're looking for your keys, it might be best to hold off for a few minutes before offering that prayer for God to help you find them.

Meanwhile, it looks as though the two cars may be running out of fuel. This has prompted reports of a new disaster unfolding, as there appears to be only one pump available at the nearest service station. Unfortunately, these prayer conflicts are likely to continue until the new ticketing system is installed.

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