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Heaven's Call Centre Replaces Angels With New Voice Recognition System

In what was originally marketed as a move to better serve customer needs, angels in heaven's call centre have been replaced with a new voice recognition system that automatically prioritises and routes prayers to their appropriate department.

However, the transition has not gone as smoothly as originally hoped, with several prayers being sent to the wrong department, or simply misinterpreted.

"I prayed for PEACE and the return of JESUS CHRIST", said one frustrated Christadelphian, "although I must admit the pizza delivery was very quick and the cheesy crust tasted delicious!"

Another Christadelphian was surprised by the smell of fresh bread coming from the kitchen after praying for the dead to rise in the kingdom.

But things really got out of hand one Sunday morning as the presiding brother prayed for the whole ecclesia to be granted a pure heart in order to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

As members rushed to open the windows, it was agreed in heaven that something needed to be done about the new voice recognition system. It is now scheduled to be upgraded when the new ticketing system is eventually installed.

Until then, be careful what you pray for.

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