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Anti-evolution Lecture Postponed Due To Speaker Catching Flu Virus

An upcoming lecture on creationism has had to be postponed due to the scheduled speaker catching a new strand of influenza virus.

The speaker, brother Des Hein, is recovering at home with the help of medication to treat his fever, and is feeling secure in the knowledge that if things do get worse, access to a highly trained team of doctors with many years of experience is just a short drive away, thanks to the many advances in modern technology and medicine.

Sources close to brother Des have reported that he has been researching the influenza virus and is considering incorporating some of his new findings in his upcoming lecture. We were able to obtain a preliminary copy of his notes, which are summarised below.

We noticed that an early paragraph relating to genetic mutations always being detrimental had been crossed out. It appears that Brother Des was rather surprised to learn that genetic mutations had allowed the virus to successfully bypass his immune system and replicate itself much more rapidly.

The rest of his notes focused on the inner workings of the virus and its various mechanisms for hijacking healthy host cells and turning them into factories for generating copies of itself. This was followed up by a detailed description of the harmful effects the virus can have on its host, leading to death in severe cases. Then, after several paragraphs on the deep complexity contained within the virus's DNA structure, brother Des concludes that clearly the virus could not have formed by chance, and must have been the product of an intelligent designer.

That's all we have for now.

We can't wait to hear the lecture in full, and we pray that God will give brother Des a speedy recovery. From past experience, prayers for influenza tend to be answered after about 7-10 days on average, although God does appear to have a preference for healing healthier people first.

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